Let’s make babies (snippet)

watch and learn kids!

Säsongspremiär ons 26 jan – The Search from Ljudbild Uppsala on Vimeo.

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Interview with Nightshade Magazine & win two copies of the latest album

An interview with Nightshade Magazine can be found here:


also, win two copies of The Search for Connection Contact and Community at


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New album almost complete

Staying Alive in a Country Industrialized
is nearing completion. It will be released sometime in 2012.


Staring into a screen
Amanda, what have you done?
Looking for the flesh and the blood
Diving into another person
Let’s make babies
The knower
We fell asleep in each other’s arms and never woke up again
Losing touch
I could never get close to you
This bird doesn’t sing anymore

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Official release of “The Search for Connection, Contact and Community”

Today “The Search for Connection, Contact and Community” was officially released. Links to most of the stores where the album is available can be found at afmusic.


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Staying Alive in a Country Industrialized

A few days ago we started the recordnings of “Staying Alive in a Country Industrialized”. The album contains nine songs and hopefully it will be out in spring 2012.

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The Search for Connection, Contact and Community

“The Search for Connection, Contact and Community” will be released on the 30th of September. The Album can be pre-ordered at http://thesearch.bandcamp.com/releases.


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Review of The Silverslut 2000-2002

A review of The Silverslut 2000-2002 is up at Stalker Magazine

Read it here http://www.stalker.cd/index.php?lang=1&content=62&kat=cd&id=2065&&lang=2

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The Search are back with their 6 CD download compilation “The Silverslut 2000-2002″

Taken from:



– 15.06.2011

It’s been pretty silent about the swedish Indie-Rocker from THE SEARCH for a long time. After their successfulalbum “Saturnine Songs” in 2008, first gigs in Germany and some changes in the band’s line-up now the sympathic guys from tranquil Uppsala come up with a 6-CD-download-compilation “The Silverslut 2000-2002″.


From 2000 until 2002 THE SEARCH – formerly known as SILVERSLUT – recorded 6 EPs and autonomously published them in small numbers. The first two EPs “The Silverslut” (2000) and “Arctic Cold Days” (2000) actually contain some songs sung in Swedish. Both EPs radiate the charm of early recordings, which reveals the bands first steps with charming naivity.

The third EP “Friday Saturday” from the same year already gave a hint what enormous progess the band has made within short time. This EP was a very consistent one and kept a golden thread. With “Travoltol” (2001) the band succeeded in holding their stride and so the entire EP evolves around nothing but sex.

On “Dancing In The Winter Sky” (2002) the guys radically broke with the mould of their previous sound and created all songs on the bass guitar. In this way their sounds became less organic but the beats got more rhythmical. Even with their last EP under the name SILVERSLUT – “Cosmetic Rock” (2002) – the band stayed true to these principles.

Although the band renamed itself THE SEARCH in 2003, those 6 EPs always were regarded as the first publications of the band and were available as free downloads from last.fm only for a long time. Since this compilation contains some of the bands classic favourites – such as “Quash”, a song about love, hornyness, despair and cowardness, “Juno”, a very great song named after Tinas (the keyboarder at that time) synthesiser, “Me And Ritva And Some Cheap Scotch” or “Chloë” – mastermind Razmig decided to release the entire collection as an official download-compilation in order to bridge the gap until autumn, when THE SEARCHs new album will be published.

The download of the 6-EP-compilation is going to be available starting 28th of June 2011 on all known download-stores and on afmusic.

cover the search the silverslut200


  1. I saw the light
  2. Icewoman
  3. Let me see your arms stretch out
  4. Come lie next to me
  5. Underwater cheek to cheek
  6. Night friends
  7. A young open wound
  8. Juno
  9. The search for a meaningful existence
  10. Squeeze me like a snake
  11. Natasja scotch
  12. Quash
  13. Badass salty
  14. Them panties
  15. Dick fire
  16. Travolta
  17. Me and ritva and some cheap scotch
  18. Boken
  19. Do you wanna go out?
  20. Steel wall baby
  21. A midnight date
  22. Chloë
  23. Sunset park
  24. Surrogat
  25. What the fuck
  26. Razmigs nya
  27. Min bottenvåning
  28. Blend
  29. Bizmylla jive
  30. Press my hand
  31. Barbara
  32. My kiss cucumber
  33. Margaret
  34. Infection
  35. Autofellatio

(Tracks 1-5 Cosmetic Rock EP 2002, Tracks 6-11 Dancing in the Winter Sky EP 2002, Tracks 12-18 Travolto EP 2001, Tracks 19-23 Friday Saturday EP 2000, Tracks 24-30 Arctic Colddays EP 2000, Tracks 31-35 The Silverslut EP 2000)


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Working on some new songs…

Wth the official releases of “The Silverslut 2000-2002” and “The Search for Connection, Contact and Community” around the corner, I thought I’d mention that in the meantime nine songs are to be rehearsed and recorded sometime in September this year for a possible 2012 release of the album “Staying Alive in a Country Industrialized”. Yippie!

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Natasja Scotch live

An oldie but goldie performed acoustic on March 23rd 2011

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